CM Far Infrared Negative Ions 17 - 19 LAYERS 31.5" x 19.6"

BioLife FIR Bio Amethyst Tourmaline Mat Non-EMF - Mini
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BioLife FIR Bio Amethyst Tourmaline Mat Non-EMF - Mini

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Tourmaline Amethyst Crystal bio healing mini mat - Natural Gem therapy healing your life

(ThermoLife i80)

Tourmaline Amethyst crystal bio healing mat is a technology rich 17 to 19 layers healthful system with pounds of natural amethyst and natural black tourmaline ability to release natural negative ions, and heat with Far Infrared Ray (FIR). 


Amethyst Crystal emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876KHz. The waves of this frequency are believed to enhance the vital cellular activity. The InfraRed Light emitted or refracted by the amethyst crystals generates the most bioavailable and biocompatible heat deeply penetrating into the body issues.

Amethyst produces small but detectable of magnetic fields. the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from amethyst actually produce favorable results in the body. Since the human body has its own magnetic field, proponents believe that amethyst interacts and exchanges energy with the body. The stone also absorbs and reflects far-infrared radiation, a type of long-wavelength radiation. far-infrared radiation is currently being studied for a variety of health benefits for the human body. 


ThermoLife Series


Natural black Tourmaline
Natural Amethyst
Red Clay Lamination Cotton
Nano Charcoal Lamination Layer
Bio-magnetic Therapy (Alternative)
Size: 80x50 cm / 31.5x20 in
Weight: 5.5kg / 12 lb.
Electronic: Max 125W