CM Far Infrared Negative Ions 59" x 27"

BioLIfe Bio Amethyst Tourmaline Mat - Professional Size 59
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 Bio Amethyst mat is a technology rich 17 to 19 layers healthful system with pounds of natural amethyst and natural black tourmaline ability to release natural negative ions, and heat with Far Infrared Ray (FIR).  Amethyst Crystal emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876KHz. The waves of this frequency are believed to enhance the vital cellular activity. The InfraRed Light emitted or refracted by the amethyst crystals generates the most bioavailable and biocompatible heat deeply penetrating into the body issues. Amethyst produces small but detectable of magnetic fields. the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from amethyst actually produce favorable results in the body. Since the human body has its own magnetic field, proponents believe that amethyst interacts and exchanges energy with the body. The stone also absorbs and reflects far-infrared radiation, a type of long-wavelength radiation. far-infrared radiation is currently being studied for a variety of health benefits for the human body.


What are Far Infrared Rays and Negative ions.


Far infrared rays are invisible waves of energy. They’re able to penetrate all layers of the human body and reach the inner-most regions of tissues, muscles and bone. Through this, far infrared rays and negative ions gently soothe, stimulate and detoxify the body and mind. Negative ions are also incredibly important in determining mood. These also help improve blood flow and circulation by dilating the capillaries responsible for transporting blood around the body. This improves oxygenation, regenerates and cleanses the blood and helps detoxify the body’s organs. According to experts, this detoxification works at a very deep level and enables the toxins present in the blood to be effectively dissolved.


What is thermal therapy.


Thermal Therapy works on the principle that diseased tumor cells, due their disordered structure, are less likely to be able to withstand the negative effects of heat as compared to healthy body cells. As a result, when cancer cells are out to heat, they are damaged or even killed. Because of the effect the heat has on the cells, hyperthermia (Thermal Therapy) is sometimes used alone for the resolution of directly killing cancer cells. However, more often it is used in concurrence with other traditional treatments, to fail the tumor cells and make them more disposed to the other treatments. For example, when hyperthermia is used earlier to radiation therapy treatments, the tumor is reduced more disposed to radiation. As a result, the other more traditional treatments are often more successful. Because it works so well as a harmonizing therapy, it is often paired with other cancer treatment methods. Patients have experienced success with hyperthermia, even in cases where the cancer has become progressive or has reoccurred.

  • Brand Name:biolife green technology
  • Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
  • Application:Body
  • Model Number:Amethyst 60*150
  • Material:Tourmaline
  • Product name:Amethyst Mat
  • Size:60*150cm
  • Stone :Pure Amethyst Crystal stone
  • Temperature:30-70 celsius degrees
  • Function:Far infrared & Negative ions / Heat therapy
  • Certification:CE FDA FCC