Pedicure Spa Sani-soft water softener/deodorizer

Sani-soft Pedicure Spa Softener/Deodorizer
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Sani-soft Pedicure Spa Softener/Deodorizer Sani-soft Pedicure Spa Softener/Deodorizer

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Sani Soft Tablets moisturize skin, soften cuticles, and whiten nails while soaking. They contain aloe vera and vitamin E. They also soften hard water to reduce mineral content to extend life of equipment and feature a cleansing agent to help keep pipes clean. Non-staining dyes will not affect skin or equipment.

Use one soothing pedicure tablet per load of water in whirlpool spa tub before performing pedicure.

Sani-Soft is specially formulated to be used with disinfecting Sani-Tablet to provide extra benefits for pedicure applications. Sani-Soft keeps feet healthy, while enhancing skin softness and giving the water a pleasant color with a relaxing aroma. Sani-Soft effervescent tablets clean, moisturize, soften cuticles and whiten nails with natural botanical oils and aloe vera. Use with Sani-Tablet disinfectant.

Comes in relaxing Pomegranate Oil or soothing Peppermint Oil

150 tablets