Neck Pump Exerciser
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Healthcare professionals recommend the Professional Neck Pump Exerciser for reinforcing the natural neck curve while removing stress from the front of the discs. The unique up and down motion promotes fluid exchange, invigorating the neck while causing muscles to relax. Within minutes, a warm relaxed feeling through the neck and upper back will promote neck pain relief, while relieving any discomfort and leave you refreshed.

Just minutes on the Neck Pump Exerciser will help relieve all neck discomfort.

The Professional Neck Pump Exerciser is a mjor breakthrough physical therapy tool for those who spend countless hours in uncomfortable positions that cause debilitating muscle tension, stiffness, neck pain and fatigue.


Relieve All These Common Ailments & More

  • Computer Neck and Back Pain

          Forward Head Carriage:

          Most common cause of neck and upper back fatigue and tension.

  • Driving Tension Discomfort

          Forward-Flexed Forward Positions:

          Force the curve out of the neck and promote poor posture.

          Side-Flexed Forward Positions:

          Cause stiffness and spasm

  • Shoulder and Upper Back Tension
  • Telephone Neck Pain