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Ceramic Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4
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Ceramic Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4 Ceramic Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4 Ceramic Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4
Ceramic Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4
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The Porcelain Codacia Lava Shell is made of handcrafted, high quality porcelain and crushed natural shells.  Each shell is hand painted, replicating the beauty and appearance of the natural Codacia (Tiger Stripe clam).  This shell is recommended when the user desires ease and consistency.  This shell provides a consistent level of heat and is ideal for the newer user to shells, stones, or salt stones.  It is also a great tool for the seasoned therapist that wants a consistent size, shape and heat curve.  The porcelain shell tends to heat quicker, hold heat longer and is ideal for full body shell massage.

When filled with Lava Gel®, the artisan shells heat up to 45-minutes, depending on the method of application, giving you the same heat benefits and luxury as any traditionally heated massage – no electricity needed.

Set includes 4 Lava Shells.

IMPORTANT:   Heating charges sold seperately. You will need these charges to heat the shells


The Lava Charge consists of a Lava Gel® sachet and a Lava Activator that heats your Codacia Lava Shells naturally and without additional equipment.  The sachet is placed inside the shell, and the Activator is then poured inside.  Within 8-12 minutes, the shell is ready to use.  The heat will last for up to 45 minutes.

Click to view >> Level One – Swedish, Relaxation, Lomi Lomi Massage
This is the perfect mineral blend for any heat therapy enhancement massage.  In learning how to use and manipulate the heat, it is critical to start working with Level One.  Many users will be eternally happy to stay with Level One and simply use as needed on the body.  With this blend, we encourage using  1 or 2 shells for spot therapy.

Using a Lava Shell to heat the muscle tissue allows you to accomplish deeper, more targeted work, while being more comfortable for the client.   During the first 30 minutes, while the natural mineral energy is increasing, you will want to maintain near continuous shell usage in motion, only setting the shell aside to recharge for short periods of time.   After the exothermic mineral heat peaks, around 30 minutes, the Level One mineral blend allows you to set the shell aside for longer periods of time to do alternate modalities and more specific massage work.

Click to view >> Level Two – Deep Tissue Therapy Massage
Level Two heat is a higher, more intense  level of heat .  This is our most popular blend when incorporating the fusion of heated tools and hand protocols in a full body massage.  At Level Two, you have now worked with Lava Shells, understand how the heat works, and are competent manipulating the heat and the reheating of the shell.  Before the Lava Shell heat peaks, during the first 30 minutes, the mineral energy will recharge faster and you will need to adjust your timing.  At Level Two, you will learn how to work with two shells in a fusion protocol of shells and hands.

Click to view >> Level Three – Advanced Heat Therapy
Level Three heat is the highest, most intense level of heat in the Lava Shell collection. Used by the most skilled professional therapists, the Level Three blend offers the most powerful deep tissue heated therapy available in the entire Lava Shell line.  At Level Three you are thoroughly competent and confident with all Lava Shell modalities, their mineral heat curves, and are an expert in manipulating the heating and reheating of the shells.  You have mastered your opening moves, have complete command of your timing adjustments, as well as incorporation of multiple massage modalities.


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  • Shipping Dimensions: 6.75 x 4 x 3.37 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 Lbs
  • Mfr SKU: PSM-LS