New Ceramic Oil Burner Ring

Ceramic Oil Burner Ring
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Ceramic Light Rings are simple and elegant oil aromatherapy diffusers designed to be warmed by the low-wattage heat of a standard light bulb. They are the perfect way to infuse any room with the aroma of your favorite essential or fragrance oil. Carefully pour a small amount of oil into the open rim. Place the ring evenly and securely on an upright standard low-wattage light bulb (25-60 watts) and turn on the light--the lower the bulb wattage, the longer the aroma lasts. The porous ceramic clay readily absorbs and diffuses aromatic oils, so you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits and fresh scent of your favorite oil for days as the aroma is continuously released as it is heated by the bulb. Even with the light off the aroma will still gradually release.

These ceramic light bulb rings don't get as hot as metal or stone rings.

NOTE: not suitable for eco-bulbs