Product Summary

The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice - Black is a luxurious memory-foam-padded massage table with a ratcheted adjustable backrest and a face port and plug. It comes with all the free deluxe accessories and is ideal for most types of bodywork, especially pregnant clients and clients with limited mobility. The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice includes:

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow With Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Standard Traveler Carrying Case

Product Details

The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice massage table is a more luxurious version of our popular Multi-Purpose BodyChoice table. The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice still offers a great value at a low price and its ratcheted adjustable back (Approx. 60 degrees) makes it ideal for most forms of bodywork. This massage table, however, is padded with our plush memory foam for the ultimate in client comfort and has a built-in face port and face plug for extra convenience in positioning your clients without a headrest.  Fold away the table’s legs and work with your clients directly on the floor with its shiatsu release function. The table also has built-in reiki panels so you can perform seated work at either end of the massage table comfortably as well as headrest/accessory outlets on both sides so you can position your clients any way you’d like.

 The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice’s structural system is made of high-quality beech hardwood which ensures professional strength. Its Double-Lock Leg Adjusters allow you to raise and lower the height of the table while keeping the table doubly stable and secure. This member of the BodyChoice massage table series is also equipped with our signature Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System for streamlined folding and opening of the massage table in just seconds. 

The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice’s padding is comprised of 1” thick, NASA-developed, viscoelastic memory foam over 2” thick, high-density, small-cell foam. Memory foam reacts to body temperature to evenly distribute the body's weight across the cushion so your clients practically melt into a state of relaxation. The massage table is covered with environmentally and skin friendly PU leather (oil and waterproof) for the comfort of your clients.

As part of its collection of free classic accessories, The Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice massage table includes an ergonomic adjustable headrest with a memory foam ergonomic face pillow. The ergonomic headrest and face pillow are designed to fit the face's contours and to keep pressure from building up on any one particular point on the face for the ultimate in client relaxation. This beautiful table also comes with a bonus Accessory Shelf (see Free Accessories).

Features and Benefits

  • The ratcheted adjustable backrest allows you to position your clients with ease
  • The face port with removable plug allows you to situate your clients without a headrest
  • The shiatsu cable release function allows you to fold away the table's legs and work with your clients directly on the floor
  • The 1" top layer of NASA-developed, viscoelastic memory foam over 2", high-density, small-cell foam padding ensures your clients’ comfort
  • The luxurious ergonomic headrest with a memory foam face pillow easily conforms to your clients’ facial contours
  • The oil and waterproof PU-leather upholstery is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly
  • The Double-Lock Leg Adjusters guarantee life-long stability and security of your massage table
  • The Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System lets you open and fold your massage table in seconds
  • The headrest/accessory outlets on both sides of the table provide convenience when positioning your clients
  • The built-in reiki panels allow you to perform seated work at either end of the massage table
  • In addition to other free accessories, you also receive a Accessory Shelf for the ultimate in value for the price

Sizes and Colors

  • Available Width: 30"  (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color Combinations: Burgundy Upholstery with Mahogany Legs and Cream Upholstery with Natural Legs
  • Legs and Frame Constructed From High-Quality Hardwood Beech in a Natural or Mahogany Finish (See Available Color Combinations)
  • How high does the backrest go?: Approx. 60 degrees.

Ideal For

  • Most Forms of Massage and Bodywork
  • Practitioners Who Want a High Level of Comfort for Their Clients
  • Practitioners Who Enjoy the Convenience of a Built-in Face Port
  • Pregnant Clients
  • Clients With Limited Mobility
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Spa Treatments
  • Salons
  • Resorts

Free Accessories

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow With Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free standard Traveler Carrying Case