Ultra lightweight and comfortable

BodyChoice Ergo Deluxe Chair
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BodyChoice Ergo Deluxe Chair BodyChoice Ergo Deluxe Chair BodyChoice Ergo Deluxe Chair
BodyChoice Ergo Deluxe Chair
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Largest and Thickest Cushions on the Market. Ultra Lightweight, Extra Comfortable.

Experience the unmatched comfort of the Tao Plus/Ergo Deluxe Chair.  With upgraded design and ergonomic features, the Tao Plus Chair luxuriously supports all body types with oversized cushions and extra thick layers of foam padding. 

The BodyChoice Tao Plus Chair is ideal for practitioners ready to upgrade their mobile chair massage practice. Ultra lightweight and extra comfortable, the Tao Plus Chair Is equipped with the largest and thickest cushions on the market to support all body types, especially larger clients. Every cushioned surface is adjustable for customized client comfort.

The Tao Plus Chair’s structural system is made of aircraft aluminum framing which is lightweight and ensures professional strength and flexibility. The No-Mark Finished Frame is electrostatically powder coated to prevent rust, nicks and scratches, protecting your investment and ensuring longevity. Equipped with our signature Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System for streamlined opening and closing of the chair in just seconds, it folds compact and is easy to store and transport. The chest pad and face pillow are covered in a memory foam layer for maximum comfort. Additionally padded with Exclusive Small Cell Foam, higher density than regular foam, this chair is covered by oil and waterproof, CFC free PU upholstery with denim like reinforcement backing for extra durability. Weighing less than 19 pounds and including a free luggage style carrying case, enjoy the effortless mobility of this state-of-the-art chair. Bonus complimentary accessories included are: ergonomic headrest, ergonomic face pillow, arm rest, sternum bolster, and session pouch.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra lightweight, less than 19 pounds;
  • Equipped with the largest thickest cushions on the market;
  • Ideal for all body types, especially accommodating for larger clients;
  • Aircraft aluminum frame ensures light weight, strength and flexibility;
  • No-Mark Finished Frame electrostatically powder coated to prevent rust, nicks and scratches;
  • The Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System lets you open and fold your massage table in seconds;
  • The 2" thick Exclusive Small Cell Foam and Memory Foam padding ensures your clients’ comfort;
  • An included session pouch provides for safe and convenient storage of eyeglasses and jewelry;
  • The oil and waterproof, CFC free PU upholstery with denim like reinforcement backing is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly.


  • Available Colors:  Black, Burgundy or Cream

Ideal For:

  • Most Massage Modalities
  • Practitioners with Larger Clients
  • Mobile Massage Therapists

Free Accessories:

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow
  • Free Arm Rest
  • Free Sternum Bolster
  • Free Session Pouch
  • Free Standard Carrying Case
Specifications Tao Plus Chair
Height 50.5” (adjustable)
Weight 19 lbs (chair only)
Working Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Padding    2" Foam - Small Cell Foam Topped with Memory Foam
Upholstery PU Vinyl
Legs & Frame Aluminum
Seat Size 18” W x  11” L
Chest Pad Dimensions 11” W x 14” L
Kneeling Pad Size 19.5” L x 6.5” W at top, 5” W at bottom
Carrying Case Dimensions 41” L x 19” W
Guarantees Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects in Manufacturer´s Materials and Workmanship