Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy Vol I & Vol II
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By Anita Shannon, LMBT. A comprehensive video that explores the topic of Massage Cupping; VacuuMobilization in bodywork. Massage Cupping is an effective method for bringing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, loosening adhesions, and releasing rigid soft tissue. All equipment is demonstrated, including the glass fire cups, manual vacuum cups, and micro-cup sets. Clear illustration of techniques and ease of navigation.

This single DVD contains both Volume I & II of this popular video series. Volume One features a step-by-step instruction for getting started, as well as the history and theory of Massage Cupping Therapy. Volume Two features advanced techniques, with focus on specific treatment methods. Content mimics the ACE three-day workshop, and NCBTMB CEs are available for each volume. 120 minutes long.

Disk includes an application for up to 12 CEU's. A small fee, payable to the manufacturer, applies.