Muscle Puzzles™
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Muscle Puzzles™ Muscle Puzzles™ Muscle Puzzles™

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Muscle Puzzles™ is the new way to understand and retain knowledge of human anatomy through literature, videos, training and Muscle Puzzles.


Our flagship product, Muscle Puzzles™, is a set of 91 muscles that fit a 5’6” skeleton. They are color coordinated in a rainbow schematic demonstrating and distinguishing between deep and superficial muscles of the complete muscular system. You can also use them as flash cards, since each muscle is equipped with its name, origin, insertion, action and location on the body.

Muscle Puzzles™, is our first product on the market. Our next product will be the fascial system. From there, we will continue to release various organs and systems to complete the human body.

Traditionally, anatomy is taught and studied from text books or a user interface. However, the brain learns fastest and retains knowledge when multiple senses are involved. This tool involves vision, touch and audio senses. It is very effective and, combined, with initial instruction, is the most cost-effective way to achieve the optimal educational and retainable results.

What you get: 18 foam sheets with 91 life size die-cut muscles with flash card notes (Name, origin, insertion, action).