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12 Piece Travel Silicone Cupping Set
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12 Piece Travel Silicone Cupping Set

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This 12-piece cupping set is perfect and is a lightweight, portable cupping set for travelling or just being on the go.

Cupping therapy is actually the ancient form of medicine, where the therapist puts the cups on your skin to creat a suction. This is also the perfect way to rid the body of of sore and aching muscles, inflammation, to increaase blood flow, increase relaxation and overall well-being. The cupping therapy is also used as a form of deep tissue massage.

There are different methods to cupping. There is a dry cupping method and a wet cupping method. The wet cupping method allows for a milder suction, by leaving the cups in place for a few minutes. People also believe that the wet cupping method also removes harmful toxins from the body, promoting great healing.


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