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Easy Reach Self Massage Tool
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Easy Reach Self Massage Tool

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Our Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool helps you work out hard to reach problem areas anywhere on your body. It can be used on your loved ones, too! Made of handsome Thai rosewood and steel.

The Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool is great for massaging your back or any other or any other body part because it is ergonomically designed to give you perfect leverage and reach on any muscle group. When using the tool, you break up tension in knotted trigger points relieving pain and stress. The therapeutic pressure from the Easy-Reach Tool also increases circulation to the muscles allowing them to heal more quickly and function even better.

To use the Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, simply grasp it at its end and guide the hooked part to your sore muscles. Apply slight pressure and let the therapeutic point work out your muscles’ stress and tension. You can use the tool on your back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, or feet. Although the tool is designed to be used for self-massage, you can also use it on clients, friends or loved ones.  It is very versatile!

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed to give you perfect leverage and reach to any muscle group on the body.
  • Very versatile—can be used for self-massage or for massage on your loved ones.
  • Its therapeutic point can break up adhesions and knots to relieve pain and increase circulation to muscles.
  • Ideal for practicing reflexology because it is designed to effectively massaging pressure points on the hands and feet.

Dimensions and Care:

  • Length 14.5", Width 8.5"
  • Clean your massage tool with mild soap and warm water. After washing it, wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe and condition the tip with a small amount of carrier oil