Black Sleep Mask

Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask Black
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  • UPC: 073377080081
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Easy On Delicate Eyes And Skin, This Sleep Mask Is Effective In Blocking Out Distracting Light And Visual Stimuli.

This Mask Envelops The Eyes In Soft Darkness And Comfort So That The Mind Is Free To

Rest, Relax, And Perchance - To Dream.

Great For: Cat Naps Power Naps Naps On Planes, Trains & Autombiles
A Good, Full Nights Rest.
Comforatable Stretch Elastic Head Strap Fits All Head Sizes.

100% Polyester Fleece Polyester Trim

To care for the SLEEP MASK, wash in lukewarm water. Do not use soap or harsh detergents.

Hang to dry. Do not machine dry.

  • UPC: 073377080081
  • Mfr SKU: UPC#073377080081