The sound of these bowls is incredible. A favorite in our store.

Large Singing Bowl in 2 Tone Black Finish
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This large etched singing bowl features a two tone black finish with an embossed Buddha design on the inside of the bowl. The sound created by these singing bowls is said to be connected to the consciousness of the human spirit. In Tibetan tradition the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl respond to the sound of the universal creation and inner consciousness. The bowl is used by placing it on the open palm of one hand. With the other hand strike the bowl with the wooden stick, then keeping contact with bowl move the stick around the rim of the bowl. As the bowl sings it creates vibrations of its own which effect the vibration in the air. Singing bowl can also be used as space clearing tool in Feng Shui. These singing bowls are hand made and produce sound vibrations which stimulate and synchronize the harmony of our living body. Approximately 10"

  • Product Dimensions: inches