Frequently Asked Questions For Contractors, Plumbers
& Architects For Water Werks Equipment.

How much minimum water pressure do I need to operate this equipment?

Splash and VaVoom Hand showers 30+ psi
Cascade Vichy Shower 40+ psi
VaVoom vichy Shower 45 - 50 psi
Torrent and Typhoon Vichy Shower 45 - 50 psi
Monsoon Swiss Shower 50 - 60 psi

What size floor drain do we need to install?

Typically wet rooms in most spas size a 4 inch floor drain.

What exactly comes with the Monsoon Swiss Shower?

All external parts (i.e. showerheads with shut off valves and trim, complete cabinet assembly with mixing valve and controls) and the plumbing instructions. In other words, everything except for the copper plumbing and shower stall.

How long will the XYZ piece of WaterWerks equipment take to install?

Typically under 4 hours if rough-in is complete and correct.

What kind of ventilation should the room have?

It's independent to each room, but there should be a fan with variable speeds and shut-off operation. A typical vichy room will get very humid due to the amount of hot water being sprayed into the room.

What kind of heat should the wet room have?

It's independent to each room. Forced air is most typical. Infrared is sometimes used but check to make sure that local codes allow for that as some do not allow infrared in a wet room.