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Paragon Extra Large Towel Warmer
$780.00 $595.00
When you need a lot of hot steamy towels, this hot towel cabinet is for you. Holds 144 facial towels and heats up quickly. Who could ask for anything more?

Hot Towel Cabi Plus Double
$229.00 $205.99
There is nothing like a hot steamy towel to say, "I am being spoiled!" This hot towel warmer is just what you need to have plenty of steaming towels on hand. The large capacity bins with hold 48 towels.

Paragon Large Hot Towel Cabinet
$490.00 $379.00
Garfield's Paragon Hot Towel Cabinet is designed to operate continuously and silent all-day, these hot towel cabinets will maintain hot, pre-moistened towels with a press of a button.

EarthliteŽ has developed a proprietary line of UV Hot Towel Cabinets. This Large towel warmer has been designed and engineered to produce a consistent heat range, durable construction and easy operation. The signature silver doors have sturdy hinges ...