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Thera-Band FLEXBAR
$22.50 - $35.49
Oscillation exerciser available with different resistances.

Ball Needle Massager, Pair
Palm held stimulation tool for acupressure points.

Sanctband™ Dispenser Boxes
Variety box includes 15 bands each of 3 resistance levels: orange, lime green, blueberry.

POWER WEB® JR. Exerciser
The unique design of this exerciser allows duplication of all hand actions, including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction, adduction, pronation and supination. 7" diameter. Contains latex

Thera-Band Pre-Cut Resistance Tubing Pack
These patient packages contain five-foot lengths of Thera-Band® Resistance Tubing.

Thera-Band Extremity Strap
Perfect for rehabilitation or athletic training.

Power Ball High Elastic Gripping Ball
Popular soft high elastic hand gripping ball, hand muscle developer with egg shape,fitness ball to exercise your hand strength