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Continuum Echo™ Pedicure Chair
$4,695.00 $4,495.00
Opposite of Ordinary * "work of art" design.

Continuum Maestro® Pedicure Spa
$9,995.00 $9,795.00
Forget everything you know about pedicure spas.

Continuum Pedicute Portable Spa
No hoses, no pumps, no connectors. It's the world's most eco-friendly, simple and functional portable pedicure spa.

Whale Spa Enix Pedicure Spa & Massage Chair
Enix Pedicure Spa & Massage Chair.

Essex™ Pedicure Chair
If you are looking for a timeless, sophisticated pedicure chair, look no further. The Essex™ from Living Earth Crafts features a luxurious, handcrafted motorized chair with bespoke finishes. Powered by the patented Sanijet® pipeless hydrotherapy jets...

Mystia ™ Manicure / Pedicure Chair with Plumbed Footbath
The Mystia™ is designed to indulge clients in complete relaxation while providing practitioners with impeccable quality. With two plumbed footbath options: non-jetted Stainless Steel footbath or plumbed Sanijet Hydrotherapy tub, the Mystia meets the ...

Club Chair V2
The Club Chair V2 is an inviting, luxurious armchair that beckons the guest to relax. An easy nudge of the chair reveals the hidden pedicure bath trimmed with elegant Avonite™ and matching water-resistant laminate. Carefully engineered for exceptiona...

5th Avenue PediLounge™ with Footbath
The 5th Avenue PediLounge™ offers a fresh alternative to bulky traditional pedicure thrones. With the small footprint of a well-appointed manicure chair, the 5th Avenue PediLounge™ slides smoothly back to convert into the finest pedicure system avail...

Oakworks Clodagh Libra Massage Table
The Clodagh Libra is the answer to insuring maximum room usage.

Continuum 300 Disposable Liners for Pedicute/Simplicity Pedicure Spas
$250.00 $220.00
Provide a sanitary, relaxing pedicure experience for everyone of your clients. A worry-free alternative to hard to clean foot spas. Spend less time cleaning and more time pleasing your clientele.

Whale Spa Alden Pedicure Spa & Massage Chair
$2,750.00 $2,600.00
Alden Pedicure Spa & Massage Chair.

Pibbs NC01 San Remo Manicure Table
$695.00 $445.00
The Pibbs NC01 San Remo Manicure Table is 100% American Made and is the perfect complement to the PS10 San Remo Pedicure Spa Chair.