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Custom Craftworks Feldenkrais Table
$779.00 $679.00
The Feldenkrais massage table easily withstands the rigors and movements that are unique to the Feldenkrais method.

Earthlite MediSport™ Massage Table Package
$369.00 $332.10
Designed for the rigorous demands of the athletic and chiropractic community, the Earthlite MediSport™Massage table is portable with stationary table strength.

Custom Craftworks Athena Massage Table
$524.00 $484.00
The "Athena" massage table is rigorously tested to 650 pounds of pressure before it is shipped to you and is one of our top sellers.

Oakworks Nova Massage Table
$495.00 $421.00
The Nova Massage Table has been one of the best-selling portable massage tables on the market for over 20 years,

Earthlite Spirit
$429.00 $343.20
The Spirit represents Earthlite's top of the line portable massage table.