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Touch America Contour FaceSpace w/Neptune Pillow - water resistant
The Contour FaceSpace adjusts for height and tilt, and locks into position with a single lever. Fits current TouchAmerica and most older Golden Ratio tables

Touch America Non-Slip Floor Mat 36in x 48in - White
High-density, durable, and self-draining, Dri-Dek floor mat is designed to keep the user safely above a slippery, wet floor.

Chattanooga Pron Pillow
This prone pillow is used for face down treatments and is waterproof.

Touch America Wet Drape for Face Pillow - Dark Blue; waterproof
This wet drape is designed to protect the face pillow during spa treatments.

Touch America Wet Spa Bolster - water resistant cover
Water-resistant for wet treatments. You may cover with a wet sheet for increased waterproofing.

Touch America Neptune Massage Top Converter For Dry Treatments
Allows Neptune tables to be used for dry treatments. Standard Vinyl Colors: Almond, Black, Camel & White.

Touch America Waterproof Vinyl Fitted Wet Sheet in Royal Blue
31" x 73" w/ 9" drape, Royal Blue PVC (waterproof), Easily sanitized

Touch America Closed-Cell Foam Pad (Teal)
Replacement Pad for Neptune Wet Table. Latex-coated, closed-cell foam pad (1.25" thick). Easily sanitized. Waterproof. Closed-Cell Pad , 26" x 68, Teal