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Glo Massage Table
The Glo massage table bed has three motors that control the height, the backrest and the inclination of the seat. Headrest comes with breather hole.

Oakworks Clinician Electric-Hydraulic Lift-assist Backrest Top
$2,950.00 $2,508.00
The combination of affordable quality and electric lift functionality make the Clinician an investment in your practice that won't break the bank.

Oakworks Clinician Premiere Electric-Hydraulic Flat Top
The Clinician™ Premiere features fine handmade furniture construction that sets Oakworks® Spa Tables apart from the rest.

Oakworks Clinician Electric-Hydraulic Flat Top
$2,690.00 $2,287.00
The Clinician™ Series was designed to meet just about everyone's needs, especially when budget is a priority.

Oakworks Celesta Electric
$5,340.00 $5,240.00
The ultimate in luxury, the Celesta®'s exquisite contemporary design, superior comfort and fully electric functionality will transform the spa experience from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Oakworks Clodagh Leo
Strength and beauty.

Oakworks Clodagh Gemini Electric Salon Top
TheOakworks® is proud to have been chosen by Clodagh to bring her designs to life.

Living Earth Crafts Serenity™ Salon PowerAssist™
The Serenity delivers elegance, comfort, & reliability while pampering the spa guest. Infinite adjustability. Adjustments can be made with the client on the table

Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon™ Traditional
The rich, warm look of the Pro Salon™ Traditional is both beautiful and functional.

Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon™ Cuvée
Considered by many to be the most beautiful and stylish of the Pro Salon™ line, the Cuvée features sensuous non-linear curves on each side giving this table a unique hand-crafted artistic look that only master crafts people can create.

Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon™ Contemporary
The Pro Salon™ Contemporary has the clean, modern look popular in many of our world-famous spa locations.

Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon™ Classic
The Pro Salon™ massage table continues to be the first choice among 5 star resorts & spas for its state-of-the-art features