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Hot Stone Set 22pcs
For the therapist who's on the go, This 22 Pc set is complete and portable. Plenty of stones to give a thorough hot stone treatment.

Hot Stone Set - 64 stones with Case
Hot Stone Set - 64 stones with Case

Sassi Stones
$199.00 $179.00
Sassi Stones are self-heating massage stones. This revolutionary new product takes the massage experience to an amazing new level!

Chakra Stones
Select Chakra Stones in a handmade pull string bag.

Cold Stone - 6-pc Set
Therapist's Choice:Cold Therapy Stones 6 stones in a Pouch.

PGH Marble Arch Stone
This marble foot arch stone is part of the pedicure set and also sells as a double in addition to the pedicure set.

PGH Marble Neck Pillow Stone
For assisting in the relief of upper back and headache pain.

PGH Marble Stone Wash
This soap can also be used to clean basalt stone and all other natural stones.

PGH Basic Body Marble Stone Set
The Basic Body Set for starting cold stone therapy.

PGH Effleurage Marble Stone Set
Effleurage, a French word meaning "to skim" or "to touch lightly on", is a series of massage strokes used in Swedish massage to warm up the muscle before deep tissue work using petrissage.

PGH Facial Marble Stone Set
This facial set is perfect for relieving stress from all areas of the face. It also helps to tighten and lift face structure.