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Powerpress Electric Cupping Set
$164.99 $149.95
A Professional Electric cupping set with Finger Touch adjustable vacuum pressure. Complete kit comes with everything needed to make cupping easy.

Sunset Park Fire Cup Glass Jars for Cupping - Set of 3
Full size flat top for safely resting cup after cleaning.

Fire Cup Glass Jar for Cupping Small
Full size flat top for safely resting cup after cleaning.

Korean Pistol Hand Cupping Set
$59.99 $54.99
Made in Korea Hand Cupping Set; 17 Suction Cups (4 Different Sizes), Hand Pump, Suction Hose and Carrying Case.

Acu Point Cupping Set - Bio-Magnetic
Acu-Point Cupping Set with Magnets New 17 plastic cup set with magnets which also apply a mild acu-pressure to the body.

Complete Cupping Set with Magnets - 24 Cups
COMPLETE CUPPING SET WITH MAGNETS 24 Plastic cups per set with detachable magnets tailored for either magnetic cupping or standard cupping therapy Sizes of small, medium, large and extra large Combination of treatment with acupuncture, ma...

Clear Silicone Soft Cupping Set
$49.99 $36.99
Smooth, transparent, medical quality.

E-Z Press Silicone Massage Cupping Vacuum Cups
$2.98 $2.89
Simple and "E-Z" to use, these non-toxic silicone massage therapy vacuum cups is applied at just the push of a button.

Finnish Style Cupping Set - European Medical Cupping
Inspired by the traditional Northen European folk medicine, say Finland, this unique cupping set differs from traditional cupping device that it provides negative presssure release to get rid of rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluid, toxins and help...