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Vitalizing Oil - Warming
The Vitalizing Oil (Warming) - Ideal for Gua Sha, Bodywork, Spa, Massage & More REVITALIZING OIL Delivering Great Warming & Cozy Result! This new revitalizing oil is refined with scientifically selected rare traditional Chinese herbs such as s...

Jade GuaSha - Scraping Tool - Heart Shape
Jade Gua Sha Tool Lovely heart shape Genuine jade stone Smooth touch, but hard core Size: 3.

GuaSha Scraping Tool - Natural - Horn Style
Gua Sha (Scraping) Tool (Horn Style) all natural material firm, but smooth 5.

GuaSha Buffalo Horn Tool - Solid
all natural material firm, but smooth 7.

Ceramic GuaSha Scraping Tool
Ceramic Gua Sha Scraping Tool

Traditional Guasha Bian Stone Acupuncture Massage Scraping Tool
100% Natural Bian Stone Guasha Scraping tool.

Traditional Chinese Si Bin Bian Stone Guasha Kit 6 pc
$69.95 $54.36
It is said that when rubbed against the body that Bian Stones give out ultrasonic impulses...