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Gemstone Carving Tapered Point White Selenite
A tapered point carved from selenite and also comes with a Selenite marketing card. Sizes may vary.

Rough Stone 4-inch Rectangle White Selenite ea.
Pack of 5 raw selenite rectangles, place around any area to help neutralize energies and to ensure a calm and peaceful environment.

Tumbled Stone Cage Empty Nickel Plated
Silver tumble stone cage holds and showcases any of your favorite stones and gems.

Information Chart English Tumbled Stones #1
This full color tumbled stone chart pictures the most popular tumbled stones and gives their metaphysical meaning. Made in USA and printed in Canada.

Rock Specimen 1.25 -inch Shiva Lingam
Let the balancing and creative energies of the Shiva Lingam stone aid you with all that you seek. Each stone is a creation from nature and will be unique in color.