High Temperature Box Nail Tools Sterilizer
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 -Best for metal tools, such as Metal Nail Care Tools, Tweezers,Salon Peelers, Eyebrow Clamp and Tattoo Needles, Hair Scissors, Dermabrasion Tips, etc
 -High temperature(250 Centigrade ) to work
 -With Glass Beads in the inner pot to hold the metal tools being sterilized and to diffuse heat and keep hot
 -Convenient using, no pollution, energy saving
 -Popular with both professional salons and personal home users
 -CE Approval
 Technical Parameter:
 -Volume of the Hole: 4.6cm(Diameter) X 6.5cm(Deep) / (1.8x2.6inch)
 -Voltage: 220V OR 110V
 -Power: 100W
 -Temperature: 250 Centigrade (Any temperature lower than 250 Centigrade  will have no use for complete sterilization. To ensure the effect, we don't make it adjustable so it will automatically increase to 250 Centigrade as it is designed)
 Only glass beads can be allowed to be put into the inner pot of the machine,which is sent to you with the machine.
 Liquids are not allowed to be put into the machine.
 Tool Sterilizer
Thanks for purchasing our Tool Sterilizer! Please read this manual carefully before operating, and store it is a safe place for future reference.
In order to achieve the best effect of treatment, the equipment should always be cleaned. This machine is developed based on the technology of transiting heat,automatic temperature control and conducting material. The temperature could be controlled accordingly within 250 C
 by the underside button.These types of technology avoid the weak points of alcohol burners in sterilizing, reaching good effect with superior characteristics as follows:convenience, no pollution, savings on electricity, long-term use. The sterilizer box is the base equipment for personal use and the professional shop.
 2. Operation approach
 Put the appliances into heated glass ball of this sterilizer,turn on the power.
 The red light is power light,the green light means heating.
 When the green light is off, it means the products temperature equal to the set
 temperature; when the green light is on,it means the products temperature lower than the set
 temperature and it needs to be heated.
The process of heating from 0 C to 250 C, it takes about 12 minutes.When the temperature is 250 C it only
 needs 30 seconds for sterizlizing the appliance and finishing the whole process
3.Technical data
 Voltage:AC220-240V(or 110V)